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Blackstar Financial Solutions offers unrivaled expertise and understanding of tax laws that can guide your financial decisions. We will support you through every step of any career move you decide to make in the near or far future.


Blackstar Financial Solutions can handle it all, from your bookkeeping needs to taxes and credit. If you’re having issues preparing your financial statements, we can tackle them, too. You name it…we can do it!

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Through prompt and timely service, along with an intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations, Blackstar FS can keep you ahead of government deadlines, maintain order in your internal financial systems, and reduce the headaches that come with owning a business.

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Bookkeeping Services

To assist business owners in managing their finances and improving the effectiveness of their operations, Blackstar FS offers complete bookkeeping services. For every business-related transaction or occurrence, our knowledgeable staff creates the necessary source papers.

Want money before the year is over?

Let us maintain your books so you can easily apply for and receive business funding! You may access our calendar by clicking the button below, in case you were wondering. Make a reservation right away!

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Tax & Business Consulting

We are aware that filing might be a challenging procedure. Making decisions about tax-related matters requires knowledge. Our qualified tax consultants use their years of experience to make sure that tax laws are not an issue for you.

We make sure you get to keep more money and experience less worry by keeping up with the continual changes in adjustments, deductions, and credits. Let's set up your customized appointment today.

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Tax Services

We provide efficient tax preparation services that can make the procedure less intimidating. Our knowledgeable tax advisors are available to help you at every stage.

While you relax and focus on running your business, Blackstar FS tax preparers handle the labor-intensive administrative tasks for the IRS. We file your taxes to make sure you get every cent back that is due to you. We only get paid when you do, even if you owe money or haven't filed taxes in years!

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Tax Resolution

Your personal and professional life shouldn't be controlled by tax issues!

At Blackstar FS, we specialize in providing you with prompt and effective assistance in resolving your tax debt. The most recent IRS standards are understood by our knowledgeable staff of tax resolution specialists. We can successfully assist you in even the most unusual circumstances by staying current.

The IRS may have problems with your tax returns for a number of different reasons. Let's catch them now, before (or even after) they become an issue for you.

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We Provide Audit Support

Blackstar FS is a full-service accounting and tax preparation firm. To assist our clients in the case of an IRS or state audit, we provide audit support services.

Our knowledgeable staff compiles data and creates a plan of action to address the auditor's questions. You may be confident that your interests will be safeguarded when working with us.

We don't just offer support during an audit; we also offer proactive guidance on reducing potential risks and guaranteeing adherence to all relevant rules. Let us assist you with organizing your accounts and maximizing your tax refund!

Our skilled team members are prepared to help you!

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Personal Credit Remediation

Do you want to fix your personal credit?

Blackstar FS specializes in establishing, maintaining, and improving credit scores. We offer extensive services thanks to our profound awareness of the issues involved in both personal credit.

Do you require a unique plan to raise your credit score? We can achieve that!

You must have access to funds that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Also possible for us!

Tax regulatory issues will be a thing of the past with the proper cash flow optimization. Set up a free consultation with our dependable staff today and let us help you preserve your investments!

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Christine was absolutely amazing! I had no idea how to get my new business in order and she laid it all out for me. The process of my business structure to building my business credit so we could obtain funding. We now use Blackstar Financial Solutions for our payroll and taxes! I recommend her to everyone!!


Jane Downs

CEO Bianca

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Blackstar Financial Solutions provides a hands-on & inclusive experience to provide accurate financial reports to make informed business decisions. Having a correct overview of the financial status of your company will assist in counting the growth of your business.

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